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California Country Club, Culver City, California

The California Country Club was founded by Harry Culver as the Culver City Country Club in 1917. A converted ranch house was used as the clubhouse. Their 18-hole golf course opened in 1917 with Jack Stone and Hutt Martin as professionals. They changed their name to the California Country Club in 1920, and a new clubhouse and all grass golf course opened in 1921. It was renamed the Cheviot Hills Country Club in 1940, and sold for development in 1951, when John Wayne and Fred McMurray were the principle owners.

1938 and 1951 aerial comparison of the California Country Club

1938 and 1951 aerial comparison California Country Club by J.I.B. Jones

Queensbury at the top of the golf course. The "wiggly", Motor avenue, above it.
Manning on the left. Club drive on the bottom. About Cattaraugus on the right.
Cheviot Drive was the middle of the course.

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